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Vol. 8, Issue 5 (2019)

The knowledge regarding pediatric drug calculation among the staff nurses

Dangi Ravi Rai and N Sujita Devi
Introduction: Medication errors occur repeatedly and universally, but medication errors involving pediatric patients attracts due to their high incidence and serve life threating condition. Nurses have to be very skill full in mathematical calculation and numerical ability to calculate the proper dose and drug calculation because a single mistake in calculation can lead to severe life threating condition to children. Medication mistake can take place at any phase of during nursing care. This includes the medicine transcribing, preparing of medicines, medicines prescribing, and calculation of dosage, medication administration, monitoring and documentation of medicines to the patients.
Purpose: The study was aiming to assess the knowledge level regarding pediatric drug calculation of the nurses in selected hospitals of Pune city.
Material and Method: A descriptive study was conducted, using 22 items structured questionnaire. Hundred (100) staff nurses working in Pediatric Department were chosen for the study through non-probability purposive sampling technique.
Result: the obtained result data revealed that, maximum participants (39%) were from the age group of 26-30 years, majority of participants (69%) were staff nurses had general nursing and midwifery educational qualification, regarding total clinical work experience, (37%) the participants were with less than 3 years, In pediatric work experience majority of participant were (59%) were less than 3 years’ experience, maximum (61%) participants were not attended any workshop or conference on pediatric drug calculation. Results also revealed that maximum 59% participants scored average, 24% participants scored well and 17% participants scored poor knowledge. The knowledge mean score was 11.2. There is no significant association found with knowledge score and selected demographic characteristics of staff nurses working in pediatric department.
Conclusion: From the above findings, the researcher concluded that there is great need for improving the knowledge level in nurses because the average knowledge is not good knowledge. Researcher also recommends for nurses to attend in-service education, workshops or conference related to pediatric drug calculation to enhance the knowledge regarding pediatric drug calculation. Knowledge is continuous progression which requires reinforcement and re-education of fresh and changing practice to keep nurses update and knowledgeable.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Dangi Ravi Rai, N Sujita Devi. The knowledge regarding pediatric drug calculation among the staff nurses. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(5):444-449.

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