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Vol. 8, Issue 5 (2019)

Endometritis in bitch: An review

Devender Kumar, Satish, Satish Kumar and GN Purohit
In the last some years, veterinarians are now frequently requested to solve fertility problems in the dogs, mainly due to the increased popularity of purebred dogs as well as for sentimental or financial reasons. Endometritis is one of the very common post-partum/post estrus complication that usually remains unnoticed until the appearance of notifiable clinical sings. Primary sins observed by the clinician is purulent vaginal discharge, may be associated with fever, dehydration, anorexia. Reports have shown that E. coli is the main bacterium associated with it but some case also shows mixed infection of several bacterium. In the case of nursing mother care of puppies also challenging due to dam unable to nurse them or puppies have been isolated due to the antibiotic residue found in dam’s milk. History and clinical signs are the first approaches for diagnosis, it is more adventitious to diagnose by the use of modern technique like ultrasonography, ABST and blood picture profile. Antibiotics and ecbolic drugs with supportive therapy give results in most of the case if the patient in stable condition.
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Devender Kumar, Satish, Satish Kumar, GN Purohit. Endometritis in bitch: An review. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(5):279-282.

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