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Vol. 8, Issue 5 (2019)

A critical review on antitoxic formulations of Shirisha (Albizia lebbeck L.) WSRT major classics of Ayurveda

VD Samata Tomar and VD Pravin Jawanjal
Ayurveda is a part of science of wholesome living. Majority of medicine mentioned in Ayurveda are plant based. Agadtantra (Toxicology) is specialized branch of Ayurveda that highlights the different mode of poisoning & its management. While treating different cases of poisoning different modality of treatment are used. Agada (Antidote) is one of the modalities which is prepared by the combination of different anti-poisonous herbs. Shirisha (Albizia Lebbeck) is one of the important herbs having a broad spectrum of therapeutic effect. In classical textbook it is mentioned as the best among the Vishaghna drugs. Many formulations of Shirisha in different modes of administration have been mentioned in the management of various poisons in Bruhattrayee (Major treatises of Ayurveda). Shirisha yogas are mentioned for both internal administration and also for external applications as Lepa, etc. This review is an attempt to explore the number of yogas mentioned in Visha chikitsa which contains Shirisha as the main ingredient. So present review is aimed to compile up the updated data and highlight the Vishghna property on its pharmacological activity. Scientific researches proved its anti-histaminic, anti-allergic, Antiulcer, hepatoprotective, anti-bacterial activity. On this basis it is concluded that our ‘Acharyas’ perception about Shirisha as an anti-poisonous is factual and may be based on their experimental studies at that time.
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VD Samata Tomar, VD Pravin Jawanjal. A critical review on antitoxic formulations of <em>Shirisha </em>(<em>Albizia lebbeck</em> L.) WSRT major classics of Ayurveda. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(5):149-154.

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