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Vol. 8, Issue 4 (2019)

Acceptable qualities of black soybean genotypes (Glycine max)

Sumangala S and Uma N Kulkarni
A total of three soybean genotypes including two black soybeans- kalitur and DSM (Dharwad Soybean Mutant) with one yellow soybean - DSb 21 were procured from Department of Crop Physiology, University of Agriculture Sciences, Dharwad during kharif - 2017. The cooking quality of grains was evaluated in terms of soaked weight and volume, cooked weight and volume, cooking time, per cent increase in weight and volume and per cent solids leached during boiling and pressure cooking methods. The acceptability of cooked seeds was evaluated for organoleptic profile by using 9 point hedonic scale. Among the cooking quality parameters, per cent increase in weight and cooking time differed significantly (p > 0.01) among boiled yellow and black soybean genotypes. Significant (p > 0.01) difference was noted in pressure cooking time of yellow and black soybean genotypes. Boiling of white or black resulted in increased weight (30 - 32.88 g %), increased volume (24 – 28 ml %) and time took 1- 11/2 hrs for cooking was with acceptable index of 83.88. However pressure cooking of black soybeans resulted in higher increase in weight (32 - 39.77 g %), volume (27- 29.50 ml %) and took less time for cooking of seeds (20 - 31 min). The acceptable index of pressure cooked seeds was 83 - 84.51.
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Sumangala S, Uma N Kulkarni. Acceptable qualities of black soybean genotypes (<em>Glycine max</em>). Pharma Innovation 2019;8(4):1125-1128.

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