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Vol. 8, Issue 4 (2019)

Thrombolytic activity of Piper nigrum (Marich) and Acorus calamus (Vacha) – an in vitro study

Dr. Vaishali Kuchewar and Dr. Swanand Pathak
Cardiovascular disease is the World’s largest cause of death, claiming 17.1 million lives a year. Thromboembolism is the commonest cause of such disorders. Current treatment modalities of thrombotic disorders are expensive and have limited use due to serious side-effects. Marich (Piper nigrum) and Vacha (Acorus calamus) are described in Ayurvedic literature under specific karma like lekhan (scrapping), chedan (scarificient) and pramath I (Decongestant). This in vitro study was designed to evaluate clot lysis activity of ethanolic extracts of Marich & Vacha. The ethanolic extract of Marich (P. nigrum) and Vacha (A. calamus) was prepared by Soxhlet extraction method. Streptokinase was used as a positive control and distilled water as a negative control. Venous blood samples of 15 healthy volunteers were taken for the investigation. The mean of the percent of thrombolytic activity of P. nigrum was 3.79, 3.65 and 2.76 with the concentration of 200mg, 400mg & 800mg respectively whereas of A. calamus was having 53.96%, 51.66% and 48.79% with the same concentration as P. nigrum respectively. The Streptokinase and distilled water showed 76.11% and 7.69% respectively. Ethanolic extract of A. calamus showed significant clot lysis activity than P. nigrum. It should be further investigated on animal model & also can be studied for isolating active compound responsible for its clot lysis activity.
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Dr. Vaishali Kuchewar, Dr. Swanand Pathak. Thrombolytic activity of <em>Piper nigrum</em> (<em>Marich</em>) and <em>Acorus calamus</em> (<em>Vacha</em>) – an <em>in vitro</em> study. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(4):804-806.

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