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Vol. 8, Issue 4 (2019)

Sustainable water management in agriculture under climate change

GN Gurjar and Sanjay Swami
Sustainable water management becomes most important under climate change. Water use efficiency is unique technique to produce more food by using minimum water and reducing water losses. Farmers across the world are having limited water resource and agricultural production is only possible on water because climatic change has many impacts on production and productivity of agricultural crop production. There is urgent need to adopt a new water management techniques likes change in irrigation scheduling, development of water efficient techniques, estimate and measurement of soil water, fertigation and use of drip irrigation etc. Still many regions across the world are not even adopt the primary irrigation methods which are most efficient and effective, mostly using under irrigated crop production. Climate change has a greater impacts on water resources of both surface and ground water. Under changing climatic conditions ground water exploitation has been already increased and water resources are depleting day by day. India will face a greater water scarcity in the near future which is almost double the present status. So, we need a new sustainable water management techniques those are most effective and applicable across the agriculture sector all over the world.
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GN Gurjar, Sanjay Swami. Sustainable water management in agriculture under climate change. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(4):767-771.

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