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Vol. 8, Issue 4 (2019)

A socio - economic and socio-psychological appraisal of farmer producer organisations

Deepa Singh, BP Singh, Rita Bharti and KI Pordhiya
Lower farm productivity, lower resource use efficiency and lower farm income are the major issues of the majority of the farmers in India. The Farmer Producer Organisation (FPOs) work on concept of economy of scale and collective action and have emerged as a bright ray of hope to mitigate few of these issues to some extent. Considering these facts, this study was undertaken to analyse the socio-economic and socio-psychological characteristic of the members of FPOs by selecting 240 respondents, as members of four FPOs of Madhya Pradesh (M.P.). The findings revealed that majority of the Farmer Interest Groups (FIGs) members were male, middle aged, literate and had high livestock rearing experience. Majority were characterized by nuclear families, marginal categories of farmers, small herd size and agriculture as the main occupation for their livelihood, low income with medium level of economic motivation, market orientation and achievement motivation. There is need to promote and support the activities of FPOs so as to inculcate the competitiveness among farmers and increase their share and profit in agricultural enterprise.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Deepa Singh, BP Singh, Rita Bharti, KI Pordhiya. A socio - economic and socio-psychological appraisal of farmer producer organisations. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(4):686-689.

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