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Vol. 8, Issue 4 (2019)

Principal component analysis of morpho-physiological traits in mutants lines of rice under submerged condition

Nikita Kumari, Rajesh Kumar, Avinash Kumar and UK Singh
Present study was undertaken to identify the principle components for the assessment of genetic diversity and extent and pattern of genetic divergence based on K-mean determination in mutant lines of rice under submerged condition. In this experiment 240 mutant lines of rice along with 3 checks (FR13A, FR13B and Labella) are evaluated in type 2 modified augmented design (MAD2) during Kharif-2017 at rice experimental area of Dr. RPCAU, Pusa, Bihar. Principle component analysis (PCA) showed that first four principle components had >1.00 Eigen value and accounted 80.24% of total variation. Rotated component matrix revealed that each principle component is separately loaded with various submergence tolerant related traits. PC1 was constituted by Tolerance score (0.41). PC2 was maximum correlated with total shoot elongation (0.59) followed by relative shoot elongation (0.48), panicle length (0.43) and plant height (0.42) while, PC3 was maximum correlated with panicle length (0.52) followed by plant height (0.51). Therefore, intensive selection is recommended to bring about rapid improvement of submergence tolerance by selecting lines from PC1, PC2 and PC3. All the 243 lines (including checks) were grouped into 16 clusters. Cluster VIII and X have higher mean value for maximum no. of traits indicating mutant lines from this trait can be used for further improvement. 3-D plot based on top three principle components indicated that Labella (200GY) entry no. 146, Labella (200 GY) entry no. 147, FR13B (350GY) entry no. 165, FR13B (200GY) entry no. 222 were found most divergent mutant lines with FR13B (200GY) entry no. 224, Labella (300GY) entry no. 102 and FR13B (200GY) entry no. 225 which can be utilized effectively in breeding programme for improvement of submergence tolerance.
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Nikita Kumari, Rajesh Kumar, Avinash Kumar, UK Singh. Principal component analysis of morpho-physiological traits in mutants lines of rice under submerged condition. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(4):402-407.

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