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Vol. 8, Issue 3 (2019)

Formulation development of nanostructured lipid carrier loaded emulgel of duloxetine hydrochloride

Akash Pingale, Sheetal Gondkar and Ravindranath Saudagar
The aim of this study was to prepare and evaluate emulgel incorporating nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) of duloxetine hydrochloride for nasal application. NLC designed for nasal administration of duloxetine hydrochloride, were prepared by the hot homogenization technique. This duloxetine hydrochloride nanostructured lipid carrier was characterized for particle size, zeta potential and SEM. The lipid nanoparticles were incorporated in emulgel for convenient nasal application and evaluated for pH, Rheological analysis, drug content In-vitro drug release and stability studies. The preparation of aqueous NLC dispersion with a mean particle size lower than 200 nm has been obtained with uniform size distribution. Amongst all formulations, NLC loaded emulgel prepared with low percentage of stearic acid, Homogenized at 25000 (rpm) was found with the drug diffusion (97.67%). Accelerated stability study showed no significant change in the formulation upto 3 months. Finally it can be concluded that the NLC loaded emulgel of duloxetine hydrochloride may be one of the promising tool in controlling the drug release via. Intranasal drug delivery for effective and longer treatment required for antidepressant activity.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Akash Pingale, Sheetal Gondkar, Ravindranath Saudagar. Formulation development of nanostructured lipid carrier loaded emulgel of duloxetine hydrochloride. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(3):506-509.

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