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Vol. 8, Issue 3 (2019)

Influence of phytoecdysteroids isolated from Coix aquatica on cocoon characteristics of silkworm Bombyx mori L.

Suryabhan Barge and Anilkumar Pardeshi
Influence of phytoecdysteroids isolated from the plant, Coix aquatic on the cocoon characteristics of silkworm, Bombyx mori was studied. The experiments were performed by 0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0 and 2.5% concentration of phytoecdysteroid obtained from methanol solvent leaf extract of Coix aquatica and administered to 4th and 5th instars of silkworm with mulberry. The cocoon characteristics were influenced by various concentration of plant extract. The intensity of influence was depending on the time and dose exposure. The phytoecdysteroid at 2.0% concentration resulted increased cocoon weight. The average silk filament length, fibroin and sericin and denier were also increased with this supplementation of phytoecdysteroid over the control. In the present study the phytoecdysteroid of Coix aquatica have growth promoting effect and improved the cocoon characteristics of silk in Bombyx mori.
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Suryabhan Barge, Anilkumar Pardeshi. Influence of phytoecdysteroids isolated from <em>Coix aquatica</em> on cocoon characteristics of silkworm <em>Bombyx mori</em> L.. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(3):389-393.

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