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Vol. 8, Issue 3 (2019)

Role of nutrition and associated factors in oligospermia (Low sperm count)

Neelesh Kumar Maurya
Prevalence of infertility gravitates to increase due to different factors. Causes of male infertility could be varicocele, idiopathic infertility, testicular insufficiency, obstruction, ejaculation disorder, medicine-radiation effect, undescended testis, immunological mechanisms, endocrine dysfunction such as diabetes, excessive taking of alcohol, smoking and environmental toxins such as pesticides, mercury and lead. It is furthermore understood that person, obesity, be deficient in of nutrition and habits of utilizing time for example too much use of, laptop, mobile phones, computers and sauna, etc., as for women, age, smoking, too much consumption of alcohol, having a skinny or overweight body and having been exposed to physical or mental stress fruition in amenorrhea might be the causes of infertility. The progress in infertility prevalence draws attention to the effects of factors such as lifestyle, dietetic habits and environmental factors. Male infertility originates from mostly as a result of the association between oxidative stress and antioxidants. A review of these areas will provide researchers with a more noteworthy understanding of the compulsory participation of these nutrients in male reproductive processes. This review also caustic out gaps in recent studies which will require further investigations.
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Neelesh Kumar Maurya. Role of nutrition and associated factors in oligospermia (Low sperm count). Pharma Innovation 2019;8(3):68-72.

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