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Vol. 8, Issue 2 (2019)

Occurrence of salt toxicosis in broiler chicken

Y Ravikumar, Sawale GK, G Ramesh, B Mahesh, D Madhuri and M Lakshman
Salt (Sodium chloride) is one of the major component of feed for the normal maintenance of biological processes. But excessive doses of salt can cause toxic effects in chickens. Salt poisoning was occurred in a shed of 320 broiler chickens. Exhibition of nervous symptoms started by the end of second week and continued till sixth week. At the end of sixth week, the total mortality was 256 (80%). History of feed formulation revealed that there was 50% replacem ent of salt with sodium bicarbonate which could be resulted this condition due to imbalance of these components. Gross examination revealed that there was severe ascites, hydropericardium, and congestion of heart, liver, kidney and intestine. The main lesions in most of the carcasses were edematous swelling of testes with severe congestion and testes appeared transparent. Congestion of brain was also noticed in most of the birds. Microscopically, section of testes showed severe, dilatation as well as rupture of semniferous tubules, flattening of epithelium and thickening of interstitial tissue with mononuclear cell infiltration. Section of brain revealed severe vascular congestion. Section of liver and kidneys showed degenerative changes particularly around blood vessels with severe vascular congestion.
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Y Ravikumar, Sawale GK, G Ramesh, B Mahesh, D Madhuri, M Lakshman. Occurrence of salt toxicosis in broiler chicken. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(2):316-317.

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