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Vol. 8, Issue 2 (2019)

Madanadi nighantu: A review of first ten ganas (Groups)

Shailendra Pradhan and AK Singh
Perhaps on prevalence of the Madanapala Nighantu, the Madanadi Nighantu went almost into forgetfulness. Gunanighantu mentioned by Cordier seems to be a misnomer. The number of ganas in the Ashtanga hridaya is clearly stated as thirty three whereas the Madanadi – Nighantu has described only 32 ganas. The editor, discussing the issue leaned towards the Paris Ms has arrived at a conclusion which cannot be accepted. He wants to make up the deficiency by dividing the Durvadi gana into two – Durvadi and Sthiradi but there is no any such indication in the Vagbhata’s text, the fact is quite different. The three consecutive ganas Bhadradarvadi, Durvadi and Aragvadhadi etc. relate to three dosas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha respectively. The former two ganas contain single drug which needed description but in the third one i.e. kapha nasaka gana there are all groups of drugs and no single drug is mentioned. As these groups (ganas) are already described separately, the author has knowingly left this because it did not require any description which is intended only for single drugs. Hence the deficiency occurred in the number of ganas. There are six quotations from Chandranandana in Kshiraswami’s commentary on the Amarakosha all of which are traced in the Madanadi nighantu. Thus it leaks no doubt that Ksiraswami has quoted this very work of Chandranandana.
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Shailendra Pradhan, AK Singh. Madanadi nighantu: A review of first ten ganas (Groups). Pharma Innovation 2019;8(2):174-177.
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