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Vol. 8, Issue 2 (2019)

Impact of climate change on maize productivity

V Nisa, W Nisa, ZA Dar, MA Wani, V Gupta, A Kak and SR Jacob
Climate change poses a threat to the sustainable development despite rapid urbanization, the majority of population is dependent on agriculture and will remain vulnerable to climate shocks. Maize is grown by millions of farmers. Drought is one of the most detrimental abiotic stresses across the world which is seriously hampering the productivity of agric ultural crops. Maize is among the leading cereal crops in world, but it is sensitive to drought. Maize is affected by drought at different growth stage s in different regions. Germi nation potential, seedling growth, seedling stand establishment, overall growth and develop ment, pollen development, silk development, anthesis– silking interval, pollination, embryo development, endosperm development, and kernel development are the events in the life of maize crop which are seriously hampered by drought stress. It is vulnerable to heat as well, each degree increase in day where the temperature exceeds 30degree celcius reduces the final yield of maize by 1.7% under drought (Mayer et al. 2014).
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V Nisa, W Nisa, ZA Dar, MA Wani, V Gupta, A Kak, SR Jacob. Impact of climate change on maize productivity. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(2):83-94.

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