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Vol. 8, Issue 12 (2019)

Use and role of artificial intelligence and data science in the automotive industry

Vishnu D Jadhav, Prakash R Kolhe and Atul R Patil
The Data science and machine learning area unit the key technologies once it involves the processes and product with automatic learning and improvement to be utilized in the automotive trade of the long run. This text defines the terms “data science” (also stated as “data analytics”) and “machine learning” and the way they're connected. Additionally, it defines the term “optimizing analytics “and illustrates the role of automatic improvement as a key technology together with information analytics. It additionally uses examples to clarify the method that these technologies area unit presently being employed within the automotive trade on the premise of the main sub processes within the automotive price chain (development, procurement; provision, production, marketing, sales and after-sales, connected customer). Since the trade is simply setting out to explore the broad vary of potential uses for these technologies, visionary application examples area unit accustomed illustrate the revolutionary prospects that they provide. Finally, the article demonstrates however these technologies will create the automotive trade a lot of economical and enhance its client focus throughout all its operations and activities, extending from the merchandise and its development method to the shoppers and their affiliation to the merchandise. Now as increasing the work on machines and it is all changing fast and vastly to reach desired output. So, it is necessary to stay with it and stuck with the market flow. Artificial Intelligence is changing the way of working of the entire world. Here we are examining how AI is useful for data science.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Vishnu D Jadhav, Prakash R Kolhe, Atul R Patil. Use and role of artificial intelligence and data science in the automotive industry. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(12):295-300.

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