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Vol. 8, Issue 12 (2019)

Antimicrobial susceptibility and molecular characterization of resistance genes in Salmonella isolated from quail samples

Haritha Routhu
A total of 30 Salmonella isolates isolated from Quail meat, egg shell and cloacal swabs in different parts of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, India were selected for testing antibiotic resistance/susceptibility against ten selected antibiotics and specific antibiotic resistant genes. The Salmonella isolates from quail samples were highly resistant to gentamycin (70.0%) followed by streptomycin (53.33%), sulphamethoxazole (46.67), tetracycline (30.0%), ampicillin (26.67%), amikacin and ciprofloxacin (16.67%), nalidixic acid (13.33%), chloramphenicol (10.0%) and least with ceftriaxone (6.67%). The Salmonella isolates were highly susceptible to ceftriaxone (93.33%) followed by nalidixic acid (83.33%), amikacin and chloramphenicol 80% each, ciprofloxacin (76.67%), ampicillin (66.67%), tetracycline (50.0%), streptomycin and sulphamethoxazole (36.67%) and least with gentamicin (23.33%). Out of 9 tetracycline resistant isolates 5(55.5%) and 3(33.3%) harboured tet A and B genes respectively. Out of 8 ampicillin resistant isolates 5(62.5%) had blatem-1 gene and out of 16 streptomycin resistant isolates 5(31.2%) had str A gene. Out of 14 sulfamethoxazole resistant Salmonella isolates from quails, 5(35.7%) and 8(57.1%) harboured sul 1 and sul 2 genes respectively whereas out of 21 gentamicin resistant isolates 13(61.9%) had ant (3”) 1 gene.
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Haritha Routhu. Antimicrobial susceptibility and molecular characterization of resistance genes in <em>Salmonella</em> isolated from quail samples. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(12):290-294.

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