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Vol. 8, Issue 11 (2019)

Homeopathy for respiratory tract infections: A systematic review

Atif Raza, Sajjad Ali, Muhammad Zubair Qureshi, Asia Raza and Farhat Yasmeen
Background: In many developing countries, respiratory tract infections are a major health problem especially lower respiratory infections are the major reason of mortality among children’s. Thus our systematic review was aim to evaluate the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in respiratory tract infections.
Methodology: A comprehensive computerized literature search was carried out to find clinical research articles. Pub med, Medline, Google scholars, science direct and Thieme-E- journal of homeopathy was searched extensively. Only human based clinical trials were included in this review. Animal trials, abstracts of articles and pilot studies were not included. Full length research articles were included. All randomized double blind placebo-controlled prospective observational clinical research articles were included.
Results: Total 40 research articles were studied for the review. Irrelevant and duplicated articles were removed. Total 21 articles were selected for the systematic review. 3 articles were found about acute respiratory tract infections and 19 articles were about upper respiratory tract infection. No single article were found on lower respiratory tract infections.
Conclusion: This systematic review concluded that homeopathic medicines are safe and effective in acute and upper respiratory tract infections. But more randomized placebo controlled studies should be conducted to strengthen the available evidence. In future studies must be conducted in lower respiratory tract infections as we did not found any article related to it.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Atif Raza, Sajjad Ali, Muhammad Zubair Qureshi, Asia Raza, Farhat Yasmeen. Homeopathy for respiratory tract infections: A systematic review. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(11):333-338.

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