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Vol. 8, Issue 11 (2019)

Effect of growing media and fertilization methods on growth and yield of snake gourd grown under matric suction irrigation

B Kannan and K Arulmozhiselvan
A pot experiment laid in an open land with climbing structure was conducted during kharif season 2017-18 with snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina L.) as test crop. Different growing media with varying substrates such as cocopeat, vermicompost, fly ash, biocompost and pressmud were tested for standardizing the suitable composition for growing snake gourd under matric suction irrigation. Snake gourd variety CO-2 was raised in pots, which were provided water from the tubs placed beneath. The water raised into the growing media of pots by a phenomenon of matric suction. All pots were moistened by tubs which were interconnected by tubes. This arrangement maintained moisture in media throughout the crop period without a drying phase. The growing media was composed by mixing substrates in equal proportion on dry weight basis. The experimental pots were laid in 6 x 3 factorial completely randomized design. The results indicated that growth, yield and quality parameters were highest in the growing media having Cocopeat : Vermicompost : Fly ash fertilized by fertilizer solution, which consequently resulted the highest fruit yield (19.64 kg pot-1). Relatively high yield of snake gourd (16.17 kg pot-1) was recorded in Cocopeat : Vermicompost with fertilizer solution. Followed by, growing media of Cocopeat : Vermicompost : Pressmud with fertilizer solution gave moderate yield (13.38 kg pot-1) which was at par with Cocopeat : Vermicompost : Fly ash with Fertilizer Pellet Pack (13.05 kg pot-1). Besides standardizing the growing media, the promising effect of matric suction irrigation has also been brought out in the present study as an alternative means for surface irrigation. It is concluded that crop production by matric suction irrigation using the growing media may suit well for terrace garden as well as in leveled wastelands with limited water availability.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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B Kannan, K Arulmozhiselvan. Effect of growing media and fertilization methods on growth and yield of snake gourd grown under matric suction irrigation. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(11):163-170.

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