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Vol. 8, Issue 11 (2019)

Pharmacognostic profile of Pogostemon auricularis (L.) Hassk

KM Maheshwari, R Jat, BN Shah and RD Tijare
Herbs are rich source of primary and secondary metabolites which are vital for plant growth as well helpful to other living being with additional medicinal values. Pogostemon auricularis plant with historical background of medicinal status selected for further research work. Plant’s Macroscopical, Chemo Microscopical study conducted as a proof reading of its identity. Moisture free pulverized leaves of Pogostemon auricularis evaluated for physical nature like: extractive value, ash value, moisture content, swelling index. On basis of obtained results methanolic extract were screened for phytochemical study. Microscopy study revealed the presence of covering trichome on ventral surface, dorsal lateral with glands like out growth, parenchymatous tissue in mesophyll, collateral type of vascular bundle at the midrib. Pogostemon auricularis leaves Methanolic extract found with presence of Proteins & Amino acids, saponins & cardiac glycoside, tannins, phenolic, flavonoids, alkaloids and sterols. Alcohol Soluble macerates, Water soluble macerates, Methanol soluble were correspondingly 7.2 % w/w, 8.2% w/w, 24.7% w/w. Water soluble ash, Acid insoluble ash, Total ash, 7.82 % w/w, 1.45 % w/w, 20.78 % w/w respectively. present moisture content was 2.71 % v/w. calculated swelling index for PA was 2.6 % v/v. The results of TLC disclosed the phenolics retained at Rf value 0.50 comparable with gallica acid reference standard at 0.53. Tannins presence mirrored on calculating Rf value on 5 % FeCl3 spray 0.64 with Tannic acid run along with it and retained at 0.67 on the same plane. For flavonoids observed Rf value 0.36 in comparison to Rutin as standard moiety reflected its presence at 0.35 treating with Anisaldehyde – H2so4 spray. Quantitative estimation revealed the present Total phenol 56.45% w/w, Total flavonoids 52.33 % w/w, Total tannins 13.17 % w/w.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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KM Maheshwari, R Jat, BN Shah, RD Tijare. Pharmacognostic profile of <em>Pogostemon auricularis</em> (L.) Hassk. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(11):07-15.

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