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Vol. 8, Issue 10 (2019)

Effect of meal skipping on nutritional status of college students of Prayagraj

Sweta Kumari, Ranu Prasad and Anisha Verma
The present study entitled “Effect of Meal Skipping on Nutritional Status of College Students of Prayagraj” was supported by the objective to assess the nutritional status of the college students. Three colleges (Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, Ewing Christain College and Chaudhary Mahadeo Prasad Degree College) of Prayagraj was purposively selected because of conveniences. A total one hundred sixty five respondents (58 boys and 107 girls) were randomly selected for the study. The respondents were personally interviewed with the help of survey schedule. Anthropometric measurements i.e. height, weight and BMI were recorded. Dietary intake was calculated by 24 hours dietary recall method and average nutrient intake was compared with the RDA (ICMR, 2010) [6]. After study it was found that out of 165 respondents, 72.12 per cent were meal skipper (34.45% boys and 65.55% girls) whereas, 27.87 per cent were non meal skipper (36.96% boys and 63.04% girls). Out of total selected respondents, 42.42 per cent respondents were vegetarian, 53.33 per cent respondents were non-vegetarian and 4.24 per cent were eggitarian. The nutritional status of the selected respondents were found in which 26.06 per cent respondents (18.97% boys and 29.91% girls) were underweight, 61.82 per cent respondents (68.97% boys and 57.94% girls) were having normal weight, 11.52 per cent respondents (12.07% boys and 11.21% girls) were overweight and 0.61 per cent respondents (0.93% girls) were in class I obesity. It is concluded that Skipping Meal is not an option. Skipping meals is an unhealthy habit that affected the nutritional status of the respondents.
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Sweta Kumari, Ranu Prasad, Anisha Verma. Effect of meal skipping on nutritional status of college students of Prayagraj. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(10):135-139.

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