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Vol. 8, Issue 1 (2019)

Clinical efficacy and safety of Bhui Amla (Phyllanthous niruri) in liver disease: A case series

Farooqui Shazia, MA Siddiqui, Khaleel Ahmed and Mohd Shahid
Liver (Kabid) is a vital organ in the body where every metabolic process occurs. Formation of Khilt (humour) occurs in the liver. According to doctrine of Unani medicine Liver is Sar Chasma of Quwate tabayiah. It is resemblance to Unsur “Naar” (fire), Khilt Safra (blilous humour) and with Fasl Saif (summer season) where as its temperament is Haar Yabis. When its mizaj deviates from normal to abnormal it leads to disease with various sign and symptoms like Zoaf-e-Isteha (losss of appetite), Matli-wa-Qai (nausea & vomiting), Zoaf-e-Aam (general weakness), Hikka (pruritis), Sehar (insomnia). Restore of mizaj as a normal depends upon Ghiza, Dawa etc. Bhui Amla is a medicinal plant which is highly used for treatment of various liver disorder and also scientifically reported for various activity viz; antioxidant, immunomodulator, hepatoprotective, anti-hepatocellular carcinoma. So, above I contemplated a case seris among 6 patients of liver disease with raised liver parameters. We concluded that, Bhui Amla is highly effective for the management Liver Disease. The present case series study is new vistas for researcher and conveys it to medical field for the better understanding and management of liver disease which are described in Unani classical text.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Farooqui Shazia, MA Siddiqui, Khaleel Ahmed, Mohd Shahid. Clinical efficacy and safety of Bhui Amla (<em>Phyllanthous niruri</em>) in liver disease: A case series. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(1):565-566.

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