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Vol. 8, Issue 1 (2019)

Theileria equi growth inhibitory efficacy of Acacia nilotica methanolic extract in MASP culture system

Kruti D Mandal, Chinmoy Maji, BR Paul, SL Chauhan, Rajender Kumar, BN Tripathi and Sanjay Kumar
Equine piroplasmosis incurs economic loss to equine industry through prolonged illness and embargo on international movements. The current therapeutics are becoming resistant because of its continuous use for decades. The search for new a drug molecule which is safer and effective in combating disease condition is the need of hour. The Acacia nilotica (kikar plant) is well recognised for its traditional therapeutic usage in India. The plant is bestowed with different active secondary metabolites and phytochemicals. Therefore, in this study, the methanolic extract of bark of A. nilotica was tested against T. equi parasite in in vitro system at a concentration of 500 µg/ml. The imidocarb dipropionate at concentration of 10 µg/ml was used as standard control drug. The results of the current study established the anti-piroplasm activity of A. nilotica bark extract against T. equi parasites.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Kruti D Mandal, Chinmoy Maji, BR Paul, SL Chauhan, Rajender Kumar, BN Tripathi, Sanjay Kumar. <em>Theileria equi</em> growth inhibitory efficacy of <em>Acacia nilotica </em>methanolic extract in MASP culture system. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(1):508-512.

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