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Vol. 8, Issue 1 (2019)

Clinical study of Kasisabhasma and Annabhedi chenduram with reference to Hb%

Dr. Ashwin Ashok Shete, Dr. Avinash Ashok Shete, Dr. PVNR Prasad
Despite the advanced technology and development, Anemia has remained as a major health problem of rural as well as urban areas for different nutritional reasons.Many ayurvedic research scholars have taken efforts to establish a satisfactory line of treatment for it. From the review of ayurvedic research works, it is evident that they tried various single or compound drugs to counter anemia. ‘Kasisa (Ferrous sulphate) which is an iron compound is presented in this article in two forms i.e Kasisa bhasma (Rasashastra preparation) and Annabhedi chenduram (Siddha preparation). Kasisa Bhasma and Annabhedi Chendooram contain number of similarities both in terms of composition and preparation with minimum variations. Both the drugs have shown high rate of efficacy in controlling Anemia, with negligible untoward effects. This present study is a unique one or one of its kind, in comparing an Ayurvedic rather a Rasa shastra drug with the prevailing treatment of the disease in Siddha medicine on a larger scale i.e., with 60 patients (30 each) for assessment of their relative increase over the levels of blood Hb%. Single blind study design was selected. Hb% of patients calculated with Sahli’s Hemoglobino meter at intervals 15,30 and 45th days. Statistical study done. Results are promising and cost effective for developing country like India.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Dr. Ashwin Ashok Shete, Dr. Avinash Ashok Shete, Dr. PVNR Prasad. Clinical study of <em>Kasisabhasma </em>and <em>Annabhedi chenduram </em>with reference to Hb%. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(1):285-289.

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