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Vol. 8, Issue 1 (2019)

Garbhopaghatakara bhava: A critical review

Vidya Ballal and Mamatha KV
One of the great wonders of nature is the growth of a fetus within its mother’s womb. Pregnancy being a happy occasion for the family and especially for the mother, can take a bad U-turn for certain unknown errors of nature and human lifestyle. Abortion is one such complication of pregnancy amongst others which can occur due to genetic factors, environmental factors and lifestyle disorders too. The concept of abortion as such is inferred in the literature under direct reference of garbhavyapads. Garbhopaghatakara bhavas are certain factors which when followed by a pregnant lady can harm /destroy the fetus. A pregnant lady is known as a douhridini as she has two hearts and that the foetal heart is in direct connection to the mother and expresses its desire through the mother. Douhrida apamana is in due course a cause for fetal abnormalities. Acharya kashyapa has in brief explained about jataharinis, relating to abortions/ pregnancy loss taking place in the different stages of pregnancy. Here, an attempt has been made to critically analize garbhopgatahara bhavas to abortion.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Vidya Ballal, Mamatha KV. Garbhopaghatakara bhava: A critical review. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(1):118-121.

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