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Vol. 8, Issue 1 (2019)

Effect of desiccants on seed quality of Brinjal during ultra-dry storage

Ninganna JS Hilli and BS Vyakaranahal
An experiment was conducted at Seed Quality Research Laboratory of National Seed Project, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad during 2017-2018 to evaluate the effect of desiccants on seed quality of brinjal seeds during storage which constituted three desiccants viz., zeolite beads, bentonite granules and charcoal granules and was laid out in completely randomized design with four treatments and five replications. The seed moisture content was reduced to desired level by adding desiccants.
Among the four different treatments, zeolite beads recorded the highest germination (84.6%), seedling vigour index (927) and maintained the lowest moisture content (3.80%), Whereas, the seeds stored in without desiccant deteriorated rapidly in all the seed quality parameters and recorded the lowest germination (72%), seedling vigour index (675), and higher moisture content (9.45%) at the end of nine month of storage period. Therefore, it can be concluded that the zeolite beads and other desiccants can be safely used for seed drying without impairment in seed quality of brinjal.
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Ninganna JS Hilli, BS Vyakaranahal. Effect of desiccants on seed quality of Brinjal during ultra-dry storage. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(1):71-73.
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