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Vol. 8, Issue 1 (2019)

Study on the symptomatology of floral malady of tuberose associated with foliar nematode infestation on the plants

Veronica Kadam, Dhiren Chettri and Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay
A field experiment was conducted at central research farm, Gayespur, BCKV in the year 2013-2016 to observed the various symptoms produce in tuberose due to feeding by major pest i.e Aphelenchoides besseyi (foliar nematode) of Tuberose. Progressive manifestation of symptoms in infested tuberose stalks and flowers was closely observed continuously right from emergence of the stalk head to harvesting of flower. Symptoms development could be seen right from the early stages of the tuberose plants which continued till harvest of the plants. Close vigilance on the external symptoms revealed that all the yield attributes, viz., the length of stalk, spike, individual flower, weight of individual flower, weight of spike and numbers of florets were very less in infected tuberose plants (cv: Calcutta Double) than that of healthy looking ones. Symptoms usually first appeared on the leaves with initially marked by emergence of yellowish green or pale green or pale green leaves. The first visible morphological change on the flower stalk (scape) was in the form of prickle like structures of variable numbers on the surface of the floral stalk along the length which developed from the epidermis and with aging pricked on touch. Sometimes spike developed but the flowers did not bloom whereas, development of apparently normal spike with partial blooming of either lower most or the top most few flowers was also observed.
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Veronica Kadam, Dhiren Chettri, Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay. Study on the symptomatology of floral malady of tuberose associated with foliar nematode infestation on the plants. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(1):29-32.
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