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Vol. 7, Issue 9 (2018)

Pharmacological actions and therapeutic benefits of thuhar (Euphorbia neriifolia): A review

Shamim, Saad Ahmed and Lubna Fatima
Thuhar (Euphorbia neriifolia) is a drug of herbal origin, which has been a part of traditional healthcare in most parts of the world for thousands of years. Thuhar is a milky or latex (sheerdar nabat) type of herbal origin drug. In Unani classical literature there are many variety of thuhar is mentioned such as danda thuhar, nadhara thuhar, chaudhara thuhar, unglia thuhar, nagfhani thuhar. The specific name, neriifolia, means “Leaves like an oleander.” There are over 1500 species of Euphorbia’s’ family in the world ranging from annual weeds to trees. Euphorbia neriifolia is an herb full of spine, popularly known as ‘Sehund’ or Thuhar. It is also called milk hedge in English. As a significant medicinal plant, the traditional use of Euphorbia neriifolia for curing many diseases has a long history as effectively been employed for the treatment of various ailments like hudar (rheumatism) irqunnisa (sciatica) niqrous (gout) warm-e-shobatein (bronchitis) warm-e-tihal, waja-ul-uzn (otalgia), iltehab (inflammatory conditions), zeeq-un-nafs (asthma) bars (leucoderma) etc.. In this paper, an effort has been made to compile the actions and therapeutic uses of Thuhar (Euphorbia neriifolia)
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Shamim, Saad Ahmed, Lubna Fatima. Pharmacological actions and therapeutic benefits of thuhar (<em>Euphorbia neriifolia</em>): A review. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(9):221-226.

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