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Vol. 7, Issue 9 (2018)

Pathological studies and therapeutic management of equine cutaneous neoplasms suspected of sarcoids

Vikas Jaglan, Prem Singh, Manisha Punia, Deepika Lather and Sandeep Saharan
Cutaneous neoplasms affecting equines is very important condition. The sarcoid is a type of skin tumor that affects the equine family and equine sarcoids remain a frustrating and challenging entity for veterinary practitioners and research scientists alike. The present study was conducted on 6 clinical cases (5 horses and 1 mule) of cutaneous neoplasm suspected of sarcoids. The clinical cases were diagnosed on the basis of clinical and pathological examination of the lesions. The age of animals ranged from 1.5 years to 8 years. Grossly, the lesions were that of nodular, verrucous and occult form of sarcoid appearances which were present on nostrils, lips, neck, shoulder, back and face region. Gross and histopathological findings revealed 4 cases having fibroma like features characterized by whorls or interlacing bundles of fibrous connective tissue which run in all directions, one of squamous cell carcinoma characterized by neoplastic aggregates of pleomorphic epithelial cells with keratinized pearl formation and one of papilloma characterized by lesions of orthokeratotic hyperkeratosis, finger-like papillae with numerous vacuolating cells with eccentrically placed nuclei. The cases were treated by administrating anthiomaline (lithium antimony thiomalate) @ 15ml deep I/M on alternate days in adult animals and 7 ml deep intramuscularly on alternate days in young ones along with supportive therapy. Vincristine sulphate at the dose rate of 0.025/kg body weight I/V at weekly intervals for 2 to 4 times was incorporated in the treatment schedule if the cases do not respond to anthiomaline. The efficacy of anthiomaline in the treatment of sarcoid suspected cases was found to be 50% only and all were treated after vincristine administration. The results shows that anthiomaline along with vincristine sulphate is more effective as compared to anthiomaline alone in the treatment of equine sarcoid.
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Vikas Jaglan, Prem Singh, Manisha Punia, Deepika Lather, Sandeep Saharan. Pathological studies and therapeutic management of equine cutaneous neoplasms suspected of sarcoids. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(9):96-100.

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