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Vol. 7, Issue 8 (2018)

GCMS analysis and colour fastness properties of silk yarn dyed with Acacia nilotica pods

Dilshad Jamadar and Sannapapamma KJ
Natural dyes possessed several advantages over synthetic dyes from the point of health, safety and ecological aspects. It has unique, soft and soothing colour shades with multi-functional properties viz., anti-allergic, anti-microbial and fungal compared to synthetic dyes Acacia nilotica is commonly called as Babul, considered as a very important economic plant and traditionally has been used as a source for tannins, gums, timber, fuel, fodder and medicine. The solvent extract of Acacia nilotica pods were subjected to GCMS analysis and it was found that the source possessed 12 major compounds with varied area percentage. The area percentage of Pyrogallol was found to be higher (72.62 Per cent) followed by 6 Octadecanoic acid (7.87 Per cent) and 1, 2 Benzenediol, Pyrocatechol (6.66 Per cent). The aqueous extract of optimised Acacia nilotica pods dye concentration was used for dyeing pre mordanted mulberry silk yarn with four metallic mordants viz., potash alum, stannous chloride, copper sulphate and ferrous sulphate. The dyed silk yarn was subjected to colour strength, colour co-ordinates and colour fastness properties. Irrespective of mordants, the fastness properties of silk yarn possessed good to excellent colour fastness to dry crocking and sunlight. The sample possessed good colour fastness to acidic perspiration than the alkaline perspiration. Further, the wash fastness of all the mordanted silk yarn exhibited good to excellent fastness properties even after 10th wash. Thus Acacia nilotica pods possessed numerous phytochemicals which are suitable for colouration of silk which yields good to excellent fastness properties and the potential source creating new enterprise among the silk dyers and printers.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Dilshad Jamadar, Sannapapamma KJ. GCMS analysis and colour fastness properties of silk yarn dyed with<em> Acacia nilotica</em> pods. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(8):474-479.

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