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Vol. 7, Issue 8 (2018)

Indication-based use of antibiotic in the treatment of patients attending at the primary health care facility

Al Rasel Bin Mahabub Zaman, Md. Mehdi Hasan and Harun Ar Rashid
Antibiotics are one of the most effective and frequently used medications in clinical settings. A cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the antibiotic Use in the Treatment of Patients Attending at the Primary Health Care Facility. The study was taken at the outpatient department in Upzilla Health Complex Ramgoti; Lakshmipur. A face to face interview was performed to collect data by using semi-structured questionnaire and prescription slip. The study was conducted from August through November 2013. A total 200 respondents, the mean age of the respondents was (41.03 12.26) years ranging from 35-50 years and the majority of the respondents are agriculture (50.4%) and home maker (39.1%). Among the respondents majority of the antibiotics prescribed by the patients were females (55.5%) compared to male patients (44.5%). The proportion of the patients treated with anti-microbial drugs (56.0%).Generally, the mean number of anti-microbial drugs being prescribed per patients were 2.8(± 0.9). From this study majority of the patients was suffering from viral fever (36.0%) and respiratory tract infection (30.0%). The highest prescribed antibiotic was penicillin group (42.5%) followed by Cephalosporin group (35.0%), and Tetracycline (32.5%). However (82.0%) of the drugs were prescribed using generic names. The majority of the patients (77.5%) received two or more antimicrobials in combination for their treatments. Among them (16.1%) patients receiving Penicillin and fluoroquinolone drugs followed by Cephalosporin and Metronidazole drugs (14.2%) and (9.0%) patients also receiving Penicillin, Fluoroquinolone and Cotrimoxazole drugs. The evident of high percentages of patients received antimicrobial treatment in oral route (77.0%) and the intravenous route was also the preferred route of administration (11.0%). From this study, Antibiotic prescribed for the major disease groups where Penicillin, Cephalosporin, Macrolide and tetracycline most frequently prescribed in viral fever (21.0%) & Penicillin, Macrolide and Tetracycline are frequently prescribed in COPD disease (17.5%) and also Metronidazole and cephalosporin were most frequently prescribed in the treatment of Dysentery (9.0%). However the study also reveals that (62.5%) patients received their antibiotic from hospital at free of cost. On the basis of key findings of the study, Periodic monitoring and intervention to improve antimicrobial use in the hospital and further research with large sample size was strongly recommended.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Al Rasel Bin Mahabub Zaman, Md. Mehdi Hasan, Harun Ar Rashid. Indication-based use of antibiotic in the treatment of patients attending at the primary health care facility. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(8):405-410.

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