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Vol. 7, Issue 8 (2018)

Diagnosis and molecular confirmation of oriental theileriosis in a cow: A case report

Jackson BJ, Tresamol PV, Vijayakumar K and Justin Davis K
Oriental theileriosis is responsible for benign or non-transforming theileriosis and exerts its major pathogenic effect through the destruction of erythrocytes. The disease is caused by an Apicomplexa haemoprotozoan called Theileria orientalis. Oriental theileriosis in general causes a benign disease but some strains of this organism are capable of causing a fatal disease. This paper deals with a case of oriental theileriosis in a two year old cross-bred heifer at its last trimester of pregnancy. The animal was brought to the University Veterinary hospital, Mannuthy, with the history of high temperature (104°F), moderate enlargement of lymph nodes, inappetance for last one week, salivation, respiratory distress and lethargy. On examination the animal was found to be anaemic with pale mucous membranes and was infested with ticks on the inner aspect of the ear margin and also on the dorsal aspect of the poll region. Microscopic examination of Giemsa stained peripheral blood smears revealed Theileria piroplasms within the erythrocytes. The peripheral blood smears stained with Acridine orange stain also revealed the presence of Theileria piroplasms. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using species specific primers confirmed the presence of the organism. The animal was treated with combination of intramuscular injections of long acting oxytetracycline @ 20 mg/kg BW and Buparvaquone @ 2.5 mg/kg BW twice with the interval of 48 hours along with other supplemental therapy. On the third day, the animal resumed feed intake, and other clinical signs were also resolved. The animal made an uneventful recovery after five days of therapy. Peripheral blood smears were examined after two weeks to determine the presence of the organism and was found to be negative.
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Jackson BJ, Tresamol PV, Vijayakumar K, Justin Davis K. Diagnosis and molecular confirmation of oriental theileriosis in a cow: A case report. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(8):398-400.

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