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Vol. 7, Issue 8 (2018)

Outcomes of implantation of penile prosthesis, prospective interventional study

Dr. Jihad Anad Khalef
Background: Penile prostheses, introduced as the first effective organic treatment for erectile dysfunction over three dec¬ades ago, have an important role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction when other non-prosthetic treatment options have proven unsatisfactory.
Objective: The aim of this case series is to measure the outcomes; complications and satisfaction, of using malleable penile device prosthesis in treatment of men with severe erectile dysfunction.
Methods: We prospectively reviewed medical records for 34 patients underwent implantation of penile prosthesis in the period from December 2014 to October 2016 in Ghazi Al-Hariri surgical specialities hospital medical city complex and Al-Jadria and Al-Mustansiria private hospitals in Baghdad to identify risk factors, indication and outcome of malleable penile prosthesis placement at our institution.
Results: Malleable penile prosthesis for 34 men with severe erectile dysfunction. Their ages range (25-62) year, causes of ED are vasculogenic (52.9%), DM (29.4%) (if patient diabetic >5 years), trauma (11.7%), pyeronies disease (5.9%), two of the cases which has severely uncontrolled DM has right prosthesis removed after a month and the other remaining intact because of in¬fection (5.9%), four cases have erosion for corpora and removed (11.7%). The married couples who are completely satisfied are 8 in number, 2 unsatisfied and 16 of them partially satisfied. The mean operation time was 90 minutes, decrease to 25 minutes in last operation.
Conclusion: Penile prosthesis is effective in terms of satisfaction of the patients and their partners and has a reasonable com¬plications for men with severe erectile dysfunction.
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Dr. Jihad Anad Khalef. Outcomes of implantation of penile prosthesis, prospective interventional study. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(8):305-309.

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