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Vol. 7, Issue 8 (2018)

An experimental evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of dashanga agada w.s.r. to keeta visha (insect bite)

Dr. Bhavani VP, Dr. Sudheendra Honwad and Dr. Shrinidhi Ballal
Background: Inflammation is the self-protective reaction of tissues towards infection, irritants or foreign substances. The exogenous substance induced by the insect will trigger the inflammatory response in case of insect bite. Though it is a part of host defense mechanism it causes tissue damage and systemic reactions. Hence control of inflammation becomes necessary. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are proven to be quick acting but are associated with many side effects like various organ damage. In Ayurvedic texts a number of medicinal preparations to combat inflammation have been found; among them Dashanga agada is also one which is said to be very significantly effective to combat inflammation due to insect bite. To revalidate this claim the present experimental study was undertaken. Objectives: To prepare Dashanga agada as per classical reference and determine its quality standards. To induce & study acute inflammation. To evaluate the Anti-inflammatory activity of Dashanga agada. Methods: Wisterstrain albino rats weighing 200±50 of either sex were used in the study. Pharmacologically validated Carrageenan Induced Anti-Inflammatory model was used to evaluate anti-inflammatory activity of test drug. Dashanga agada was administered at dose of 540mg/kg. Results: Dashanga Agada moderately inhibited carrageenan induced paw edema at both three and six hours in comparison to control group. However the effect was found to be reduced in 24th hour, where it is not so significantly effective when compared to standard group. Interpretation and Conclusion: Most of the ingredients of Dashanga Agada are having Shothahara, vedanasthapana, and vishagna action, drugs due to its ushna veerya acts as kaphavatahara and help in reducing inflammation due to insect bite. The results reveal that Dashanga Agada has Anti-Inflammatory activity. Hence it can be used in the management of inflammation produced due to keeta damsha and also for other inflammatory conditions.
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Dr. Bhavani VP, Dr. Sudheendra Honwad, Dr. Shrinidhi Ballal. An experimental evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of dashanga agada w.s.r. to keeta visha (insect bite). Pharma Innovation 2018;7(8):223-226.

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