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Vol. 7, Issue 7 (2018)

Genetic divergence studies in maize hybrids based on morphological traits

Kumari Shikha, JP Shahi, Anima Mahato and Saurabh Singh
The magnitude of genetic variability and divergence was elucidated among 47 hybrids of maize by conducting experimental research in randomized block design. Two composites, Madhuri and Win orange were used as check for comparison. All genotypes were evaluated for 18 agro-morphological traits under open field conditions at Institute of agriculture science, B.H.U, Varanasi. Analysis of variance revealed presence of a wide range of variability between the hybrids for cob yield with husk, cob yield without husk/plot, five cob weight, green fodder weight, number of cobs/plot, TSS%, seedling emergence %, ear height, plant height, kernels/row, ear width, ear length, kernel rows/cob, husk weight and 100 seed weight indicating the scope for selection of suitable hybrid for cultivation. The high heritability with high to moderate estimates of genetic advance were obtained from grain yield, plant height, ear height, number of kernels per row, 100-kernel weight indicating additive gene action for which selection would be effective. Genotypes grouped into eight clusters and maximum intra-cluster distance was shown by cluster VII. The maximum inter-cluster distance was observed between cluster VIII and V. Characters viz., 100 seed weight, TSS%, green fodder weight/plot, number of kernels/ row and husk weight/plot together contributed 80% towards total divergence. These characters should be taken into consideration for further utilization in maize breeding strategies and commercialization of hybrids.
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Kumari Shikha, JP Shahi, Anima Mahato, Saurabh Singh. Genetic divergence studies in maize hybrids based on morphological traits. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(7):940-943.
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