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Vol. 7, Issue 7 (2018)

Training needs of goat farmers: An analysis

Anupama Jena, Prasanta Kumar K Mishra and Sadhna Ojha
Agriculture and animal husbandry complement and supplement each other. In animal husbandry sector various sub sectors are there but goat husbandry is considered as an effective mean for the below poverty farmers of India because it needs less input and in comparison to that output or profitability remains high. Various farmers oriented training programmes are being organized by different organizations but without assessing their need, interest and convenience. There are multifarious need of farmers with respect to goat husbandry like training need on feeding, breeding, housing, health care, marketing, product preparation, care and management of new born etc. among which need of information related to health care and feeding aspects of animals dominates other needs again they think if training programmes can be organized as per their convenience then that would definitely help them in better management of livestock. So mere organization of training programmes will not solve the purpose, a chain of activities from training need analysis, planning, implementation, follow-up of training activities can bring some desirable changes at the intent level.
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Anupama Jena, Prasanta Kumar K Mishra, Sadhna Ojha. Training needs of goat farmers: An analysis. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(7):844-847.
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