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Vol. 7, Issue 7 (2018)

Performance evaluation of Bijori water user association in district Jabalpur M.P

Rohit Gupta, NL Kushwaha, Varsha Kanojia and YK Tiwari
A study was conducted on “Performance evaluation of Bijori Water User Association (WUA) in Jabalpur”. The main aim of the study was performance evaluation of the command area of WUA’s. In the present study out of the total eleven physical indicators evaluated for characterizing WUA's, nine are in acceptable range in WUA and it was observed that physical indicators are found superior than bio-economical indicator. In terms of water productivity, highest water productivity of wheat achieved in middle reach medium farmer category, like this highest water productivity of gram and pea are found in tail reach large and medium farmer category respectively. This is also indicated by farmer satisfaction and in which Tail end supply ratio was in the acceptable limit and shows good availability of water in Bijori WUA. Manpower number ratio 0.0115 in Bijori WUA. Farmer's categories with different canal reach are also responsible for significant variation in the crop as analyzed. There is a significant variation in water productivity in head, middle and tail reach. Even higher water utilization at head reach of canal could not achieve higher water productivity as compared to tail reach.
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Rohit Gupta, NL Kushwaha, Varsha Kanojia, YK Tiwari. Performance evaluation of Bijori water user association in district Jabalpur M.P. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(7):757-762.
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