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Vol. 7, Issue 7 (2018)

Drug use pattern involved in diabetic with hypertension patents in a tertiary care teaching hospital

Sriram A, Dhanapal CK and Junior Sundresh N
Diabetes is the major burden among the worldwide affecting middle-aged people to older people and it is a metabolic disorder resulting from the beta cell destruction due to an autoimmune process usually leading to insulin deficiency or insulin resistance. Type1 and Type2 diabetes are leading major health problem in India. To observe and document the drug use pattern in diabetic hypertension patients. To observe and recorded major comorbid condition associated with diabetic hypertension. To determine the most frequently used drugs in this study. During the period of study, a total of 165 cases were collected, among that 52.1%% cases were males and 47.9% cases were females. In this study males were higher in number than females. Most of the patients with age group 41 to 60 (58.8%) followed by the age group of 61 to 70 (26%) were affected by diabetes with hypertension. In this study, most of the cases were recently diagnosed were found to be more with (55.8%) compared with known case with (44.2%).Atorvastatin was used more in this study in single therapy followed by metformin for patients with diabetes and hypertension. Single therapy on oral hypoglycaemic agents and antihypertensives were used more in this study. Metformin with glimepiride combination was used mostly to reduce blood glucose level in normal and then atenolol with amlodipine was preferred mostly in achieving normal blood pressure in patients with diabetic hypertension.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Sriram A, Dhanapal CK, Junior Sundresh N. Drug use pattern involved in diabetic with hypertension patents in a tertiary care teaching hospital. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(7):535-538.

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