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Vol. 7, Issue 7 (2018)

Edible films and coatings: a brief overview

Rohant Kumar Dhaka and Ashutosh Upadhyay
Edible films and coatings may be defined as protective layers created around food surface by applying solutions made from edible polymers like polysaccharides, proteins, lipids or their combinations. This protective layer acts as a barrier between the food and external environment and thus delay the ripening and spoilage process. Different types of commercial edible coatings are widely used to prevent moisture loss and to add shine to fruits and vegetables. Other commercial applications of edible coating include coating of nuts, processed foods, seafood, minimally processed fruits and vegetables etc. This review is an attempt to provide a brief overview of edible films and coatings and also recent developments related to them.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Rohant Kumar Dhaka, Ashutosh Upadhyay. Edible films and coatings: a brief overview. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(7):331-333.

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