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Vol. 7, Issue 7 (2018)

A conceptual review on polymer gel electrolytes and its conduction mechanism

Manoj Kumar
The review critically describe advantage and characteristics of the gel polymer electrolytes in the solid state batteries. The performance of gel polymer electrolytes is individually compared with their constituents. The role of host polymer, salt and liquid plasticizer in gel polymer electrolyte is critically signified. The various properties of gel polymer electrolyte are highlighted with their critical concepts. The preparation of polymer gel Nan composites by dispersing the various semiconducting, ceramic and insulating particles in the nano range are overviewed. Various advances in the GPE with various types and electrochemical utility by the different research workers are highlighted. The different types of models like Semi-empirical model, Effective medium theory and percolation model are well subjected. Vogel–Tamman–Fulcher (VTF) equation fits and interprets transport data and quasi thermodynamic data. Effective medium theory model relates the conductivity enhancement to the existence of a space-charge layer at the electrolyte/filler interface. The percolation model explains the presence of two peaks in the conductivity vs weight percentage of dispersoid in the gel polymer electrolyte composites. Chandra’s Breathing polymer chain model explains initial increase of conductivity with polymer concentration in gel polymer electrolyte.
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Manoj Kumar. A conceptual review on polymer gel electrolytes and its conduction mechanism. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(7):194-198.

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