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Vol. 7, Issue 6 (2018)

Conceptual study of immunity and immunity enhancing drugs: Perspective of Ayurveda

Deepti Singh
Concept of origin of disease as well as immunity of body has been explored by every ancient scholar of Ayurveda. The theory of tridosha described in Ayurveda is found to be very scientific which states that both types of normal and abnormal bodily functions are dependent on this functional entity of body which is named as tridosha. Oja present in body is accepted as the immunity or disease resisting power of our body which counteracts the abnormal functioning of tridosha and plays major role in bringing about the normal physiology within the body. Status of oja depends upon the status of dhatus. The immune enhancing substances i.e. the ojo-vardhaka and the Rasayana dravyas makes the body tissues (dhatus) healthy by nourishing them and thus increase the oja (immune power) of the body. These ojo-vardhaka dravyas function by bringing the agni (digestive fire) in normal state. Immunity in the terms of Ayurveda is to fight with disease in any form and the drugs used to enhance the immunity, enhances some particular type of properties in the body through various ways. Selection of these substances, either food or drug, depends upon the prakriti i.e. nature of the human being, desha, kala etc. because their mode of action is in a number of ways like increasing agni, making channels (srotas) patent etc.
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