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Vol. 7, Issue 6 (2018)

Assessment of effect of planned teaching on knowledge regarding hypertension among staff nurses

Pallavi Lele and Dr. Suresh Ray
Background: Hypertension is one of the important challenging disease. Its prevalence is increasing worldwide. As nurses have to take care of hypertensive patients. They must have adequate knowledge regarding hypertension. As age increases blood pressure also increases. There are various other factors like obesity, stress, family history, dietary pattern which causes increase in blood pressure.
Objective: To assess effect of planned teaching on knowledge of hypertension among staff nurses.
Material and Methods: The present cross sectional study had been carried out on June 2015 on 50 staff nurses aged above 40 years in selected hospital of Western India. Structured questionnaire consisting 20 questions was used to assess knowledge. After pretest assessment planned teaching was administered. After 7 days posttest was done.
Result: Total participants were 50 staff nurses. All participants were female. All staff nurses have more than 12 years’ experience. Out of 50 staff nurses, 16 (32%) were in the age group 41-50 years and 34 (68%) were in the age group above 50 years. All samples were female. Out of 50 samples 21 samples have hypertension, 5 samples have diabetes and 10 samples have both hypertension and diabetes and 14 samples have no diabetes or hypertension. Out of total 50 staff nurses only 4 (8%) staff nurses had good knowledge scores, 28 (56%) had average knowledge and 18 (36%) had poor knowledge scores
Conclusion: Over all knowledge of staff nurses was low. Those staff nurses having high blood pressure had shown average knowledge scores. Most of the staff nurses are not done life style modifications. They are not very serious about regular exercise, yoga, meditation or dietary modification. Regular health education programmes will definitely will improve the knowledge and awareness regarding hypertension.
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Pallavi Lele, Dr. Suresh Ray. Assessment of effect of planned teaching on knowledge regarding hypertension among staff nurses. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(6):394-395.
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