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Vol. 7, Issue 5 (2018)

Progress and improve tool life with AlCrN coated inlays in high-speed dry and wet steel

Sheikh Idrees Ali and Monica Reshi
In this document, the tool lifetime improvement by coating with aluminum chromium nitride (AlCrN) coated PVD (called Alcrona) for sintered carbide the inserts are examined. Progress in the wear of microstructures, such as wear mechanisms of abrasive tools from AlCrN coated sintered carbide tools in dry and wet machining at very high cutting speeds, are fully analyzed based on experimental tests. Maximum cutting speed achieved at revolutions of 410 m / min. various progressive stages of abrasive wear are observed in experimental results. These results of wear on AlCrN-coated carbide inserts are compared with other life tool data reported in the literature. It was found that 260 m / min, Alcrona achieves 95% better tool wear than the TiAlN carbide tool under the same machining conditions. Comparison the performance of Alcrona coated spray coatings coated with TiN can reach about 33% of the cutting depth and achieve higher cutting speed due to better thermal resistance of coated liners. This finding verifies the speculation that the Alcrona coating improves the coating ability to cut metal and improve tool life even under rough cutting conditions. Types of microstructure wear phenomena captured during During the experimental study are micrographs, micro fracture fractures, microtubule, micro terminal cracks, micro traumas, and micro-abrasion. Experimental cutting observations with basic tool inserts indicate that wear progresses over time and passes through Different phases, namely wear, steady wear and tear of the tool. Evidence is also that the use of the coolant emulsion increases tool life relatively to cutting speeds and significantly reduces wear. SEM and optical microscope imaging tools the wear took place in different phases to submerge into the morphology of tool inserts.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Sheikh Idrees Ali, Monica Reshi. Progress and improve tool life with AlCrN coated inlays in high-speed dry and wet steel. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(5):447-454.

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