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Vol. 7, Issue 5 (2018)

Vaginal mucous discharge-A mirror to reflect the health status of female reproductive organ

Dr. MSabapathi, Dr. N Brindha and Dr. M Jayanthi
Three clinical cases report that based on the nature of vaginal mucous discharge, the cause of infertility diagnosed and treated successfully at FC&RI, Mettupalayam. In this study, 3 infertile cows with past history of repeat breeding even after 5-6 times of inseminations were identified. Based on the nature of vaginal mucous discharge (VMD) cases were diagnosed for specific diseases and successfully treated accordingly. In first cow, show irregular heat for long oestrous cycle length were observed and also revealed that whitish milky VMD during heat period, second and third cow were showing oestrous sign at regular interval of 20 days and observed VMD were thick & cloudy and thin & transparent respectively.1st & 2nd cows were diagnosed endometritis and mild endometritis respectively based on the VMD. 3rd cow was diagnosed mineral deficiency. 1st, 2nd cows were treated with intrauterine antibiotic douche and parental route of antibiotics. Last cow were treated with phosphorus injection intramuscularly thrice at fortnight intervals; within two inseminations all three cows were successfully conceived. All three cows were supplemented with 50grams of germinated black Bengal gram and 50g of mineral mixture for 20 days
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Dr. MSabapathi, Dr. N Brindha, Dr. M Jayanthi. Vaginal mucous discharge-A mirror to reflect the health status of female reproductive organ. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(5):331-332.

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