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Vol. 7, Issue 5 (2018)

Aetio-Pathological studies of digestive and respiratory affections in lambs

Sushma, Vikas Nehra and KK Jakhar
Aetio-pathological studies of digestive and respiratory affections were undertaken in lambs received for post mortem examination during a period of seven months (September, 2015 to March, 2016). Maximum mortality was seen in age group of 1 to 3 months. Sex-wise mortality was more in males as compared to female lambs. System-wise causes of death/mortality were highest due to involvement of digestive system alone followed by combined involvement of both the digestive and respiratory systems and respiratory system alone. Gastritis, enteritis, pneumo-enteritis, hepatitis and pneumonia were the main conditions encountered in lambs. Microbiological study of different samples collected from carcasses of lambs revealed that maximum bacterial species isolated was E. coli followed by Proteus spp., Klebsiella spp. and Salmonella spp. Maximum numbers of bacterial strains were isolated from intestine followed by lungs, tracheal swab and heart blood. The results of in-vitro drug sensitivity to different bacterial species isolated from carcasses of lambs revealed that most of bacterial strains were found sensitive to gentamycin and resistant to tetracycline. Examination of faecal samples of diarrhoeic/diseased and dead lambs revealed presence of mixed infection of Strongyle spp. along with Strongyloid spp. and Eimeria spp.
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Sushma, Vikas Nehra, KK Jakhar. Aetio-Pathological studies of digestive and respiratory affections in lambs. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(5):100-105.
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