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Vol. 7, Issue 4 (2018)

A review on modelling of rainfall – runoff process

Ayushi Trivedi, SK Pyasi and RV Galkate
Water is one of the most important natural resources and a key element in the socio-economic development of a state and country. Water influences every sphere of the environment supporting life on earth. Its varying availability in time and space is a matter of concern to the mankind since fresh water is not an ever-present resource. A rainfall- runoff model is a mathematical model describing the rainfall - runoff relations of a catchment area, drainage basin or watershed. A rainfall runoff model can be really helpful in the case of calculating discharge from a basin. The transformation of rainfall into runoff over a catchment is known to be very complex hydrological phenomenon, as this process is highly nonlinear, time-varying and spatially distributed. Over the years researchers have developed many models to simulate this process. Based on the problem statement and on the complexities involved, these models are categorized as empirical, black-box, conceptual or physically-based distributed models. The proper planning and management of the water resources in a location becomes a real big trouble for the hydrologists if discharge data is not available. Hence, engineers and hydrologists from all over the world have inclined towards the computer software for the estimation of runoff in any catchment or basin for handling any civil engineering project. These software models are more accurate and less time consuming than the physical method for the collection of data. They also have an advantage of extending the result and therefore future prediction is also possible. Many researchers are focusing their studies on these issues and trying to find out solution. Here, a brief account of research work done by some of such scientists, which indicated the use of rainfall runoff model is reviewed.
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Ayushi Trivedi, SK Pyasi, RV Galkate. A review on modelling of rainfall – runoff process. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(4):1161-1164.

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