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Vol. 7, Issue 4 (2018)

Postoperative complication of haemorrhoidectomy done by ligasure

Tareq Jawad Kadhim
Background: Postoperative complication of the haemorrhoidectomy is a serious problem and need urgent intervention to save the patient.
Objectives: To evaluate the postoperative complication and managing there in a perfect way to decrease the morbidity and mortality of the patients.
Patients and Method: This prospective randomized study was carried out in the Department of Surgery, Jenen private hospital. Included in the study were 500 consecutive patients of symptomatic grade III and IV hemorrhoids who were receiving Ligasure hemorrhoidectomy. The patients were admitted in the Surgery Ward on the morning of the procedure and discharged the next day except when they had to stay longer for a post-operative complication. All procedures were carried out under local anaesthesia administered by the surgical team. The procedure was carried out with the patient in lithotomy position and a slight reverse Trendlenberg tilt.
Results: Five hundred patients were studied, the age ranged from 20 to 60 years, with a mean age of 30 years + 5 years, the majority being in the 4th decade of life constituting 300 patients (60%). Also our study showed that the causes of the postoperative complication are postoperative pain 132 patients (26.4%), the next was infection 45 patients (9%), bleeding 34 patients (6.8 %), followed by anal spasm 15 patients (3%), recurrence 12 patients (2.4%), and anal stenosis 9 patients (1.8%)
Conclusion: Ligasureâ„¢ hemorrhoidectomy is a sutureless, closed hemorrhoidectomy technique dependent on a modified electro-surgical unit to achieve tissue and vessel sealing. It is safe and effective, has less blood loss, postoperative pain and complications compared to conventional hemorrhoidectomy. Technically it is much simpler because suturing is not required and hemostasis is easy to achieve. It has the potential of making hemorrhoidectomy in to a day-care procedure.
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