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Vol. 7, Issue 3 (2018)

Lifestyle and related genetic variations influence susceptibility towards essential hypertension

Mayank Chaudhary and Shashi Chaudhary
Essential hypertension is an outcome of complex interaction between genetic and environmental factors. Higher prevalence of hypertension and dyslipidemia in Chandigarh region prompted us to screen genetic (three polymorphisms) as well as lifestyle parameters among individuals from this region, which is known for its advanced and modern culture. Anthropometric measures, lipid profiles along with genetic screening of three polymorphisms namely, rs5186, rs422858 of AT1R, and rs4340 of ACE among individuals from both Hypertensive (HTN) & Normotensive (NTN) groups was performed using auto-analyzer and RFLP techniques. Validation of genotypes was performed by direct sequencing and analysis was done using appropriate statistical tools. NTN group showed significantly lower BMI (p=0.03) than HTN despite comparatively higher percentage of occupational physical inactivity. Mean onset age of hypertension was found to be significantly low among individuals with family history. Among hypertensives, individuals with recent medication (0-3 years) had higher TG and VLDL-C levels than the other group (>3 years). Additionally, allele and genotype analysis revealed higher frequency (p=0.003) of ACE (I) allele among female hypertensive individuals rather than ACE (D) allele. Being the first study on rs422858 (A-214C) among Indians, A allele showed slightly higher frequency for NTN group contrary to the reports from Caucasian population. Present study brings out the higher susceptibility of individuals from Chandigarh region towards EH due to their lifestyle practices and hence warrants lifestyle modification to reduce hypertension related morbidity and mortality
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Mayank Chaudhary, Shashi Chaudhary. Lifestyle and related genetic variations influence susceptibility towards essential hypertension. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(3):560-568.

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