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Vol. 7, Issue 3 (2018)

Morpho-topography of the buccal area of face

OV Ruzhytska
This work is carried out according to the plan of scientific research work of the Department of surgical and orpthopedic dentistry of the faculty of postgraduate education at Danylo Galytsky Lviv National Medical University„ Clinical and experimental substantiation of the application of surgical and orthopedic technologies in the diagnostics, treatment and prevention of dental diseases of patients caused by the defects and deformations of the maxillodental system" (State registration number 0115U000047; IH 30.00.0005.15). The study is devoted to investigation of morpho-topography of the buccal area of face in way of layer preparation of the buccal area of face, micropreparation on the corpses and research of removed buccal fat pad. It is established that the buccal area of face has a number of topographic-anatomical features: the skin is thin, elastic, firmly connected with the subcutaneous fatty tissue; under their own fascia is a thin connective tissue fascia, which is the external sheet of fascial capsule of the buccal fat pad; deeper is the layer of loose connective tissue filled with varying degrees of fatty tissue (Bichat`s fat pad); under the buccal fat pad is a deep sheet of connective tissue capsule of Bichat`s fat pad; there is submucosal vascular interlacement in a submucosal layer. It is proved that the buccal fat pad is a separate morpho-functional structure, in which there is a certain amount of fatty tissue, that accordingly gives form to the cheek and facial area on the whole.
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OV Ruzhytska. Morpho-topography of the buccal area of face. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(3):312-314.

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