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Vol. 7, Issue 2 (2018)

in-vitro anti-inflammatory activity of oral poly herbal formulations

Rashmi Yadav and Dr. Vijender Singh Mahalwal
Aim: To evaluate the In-vitro anti-inflammatory activity of Oral poly herbal formulations.
Methodology: The In-vitro anti-inflammatory activity was investigated by protein denaturation method using Egg's albumin and Bovine serum albumin. The Hydro-alcoholic extracts of the plants used for the preparation of six poly herbal formulations. In-vitro anti-inflammatory activity of all poly herbal formulations were estimated by protein denaturation method using Egg's albumin and Bovine serum albumin at 50 - 250 µg/ml concentrations. The result was assessed UV spectrophotometer at 660nm and compared with the diclofenac sodium as standard drug.
Result: The result revealed that the all six oral poly herbal formulations possessed significant anti-inflammatory activity. But the formulations F5 and F6 exhibited the maximum percentage inhibition of Protein denaturation at 200μg/ml concentration 86.07% (using Egg's albumin) and 85.14% (using Bovine serum albumin) as compared to others formulations.
Conclusion: The study concluded that the formulations is an effective inhibitor of protein denaturation and showed potent anti- inflammatory activity.
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Rashmi Yadav, Dr. Vijender Singh Mahalwal. <em>in-vitro</em> anti-inflammatory activity of oral poly herbal formulations. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(2):272-276.
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