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Vol. 7, Issue 12 (2018)

Healthy aging and wellness

Dr. Susan Sam
This paper attempts to analyse the correlation between Healthy Aging and wellness in today’s perspective. Healthy aging and wellness is one of the most significant matter of concern in the 21st century. In India, the number of adults over the age 60 is increasing rapidly. Disability and reduced quality of life and chronic disease disproportionately affect older adults. In fact, most of the aged are having at least one chronic disease. Fortunately, scientific evidence has shown that healthy aging can prevent, delay and minimize the severity of chronic diseases and disabilities later in life; thus improving personal health and reducing pressure on health care systems. Healthy aging is an evidence based approach to improving overall personal health and wellness, focusing on key areas like maintaining an active lifestyle, having a balanced diet, staying socially connected. Health and wellness for seniors involves a complex interplay of numerous factors, including personal choices, life events, good health policy, supportive environments, strong community action and a health system that contributes to the pursuit of health. Population aging is one of the most significant trends of the 21st century. As India prepares for the most expected growth in the number of seniors in the coming years and as the life span extends, healthy aging and wellness is important to maintain a positive attitude, to remain independent and maintain mobility. This review of literature concludes with the observation that the most proven way to accelerate your life’s potential is to nurture the healthy ageing of your body. The sooner you start to optimise your health to support healthy ageing, the sooner you can start to turn back the clock. If you want to ensure your life is long, fruitful & filled with vitality & energy, take the steps today to live the life you most desire by being well and aging healthy.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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